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The present collection of Printable Cards "Coloring and Learning" for children 3 years and older, contains more than 500 drawings with different themes to be colored using different materials.

The 4 collections are inspired by the Montessori methodology curriculum: Practical Life, Sensory Area, Language Area and Mathematics Area, which naturally promotes creativity, ingenuity, socialization, respect and the Solidarity.

More than a workbook, it is a tool for parents and teachers that encourages fun learning. At the end of coloring all the cards, the child will be given the Diploma of Satisfaction as a reward for a job well done.

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"Coloring and Learning" contains more than 500 printable cards that will help you promote your child's creativity and ingenuity in a fun way. Here you will find:

🌈 More than 500 drawings in various sizes, which can be colored using various materials

🌈 More than 500 drawings that address different and innovative themes of the human body, household objects, the city, caring for the environment, the senses, animals, the alphabet, good habits, professions, numbers and much more.

🌈 Excellent tool to improve learning.

💖 Handwriting, rather than typing on a computer, activates specific areas of a child's brain, enhancing her ability not only to remember what she learns, but to think of new ideas.

💖 Coloring allows you to connect with emotions, helps improve motor skills in children, improves patience to achieve good results, enhances good self-esteem, increases their creative and artistic capacity, and much more.

🌼 Help the child to discover her true passion in the world of art.

🌼 When coloring, the child's technique flows naturally from easy to difficult.

👊🏻 When the child finishes coloring all the cards, he can get the Diploma of Satisfaction for a job well done.


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