Chapter 9a - Internal Arc Tests – CONCEPTS, IEC 62271-200 and 307 (medium voltage), IEC TR 61641 (low voltage switchboards).

This chapter is part of the complete training " “Design Concepts for Switchgear, Switchboards, Busducts, and Substations". It includes the concepts for the assessment and calculation of the overpressures and other effects of the internal arc. We describe the main requirements in IEC 62271-200 (medium voltage switchgear) and IEC TR 61641 (low voltage).
There is emphasis on how to consider the design parameters described in IEC 62271-307 like the net volume of the compartment and speed and characteristics of pressure relief devices. Some references are done to the brochure Cigré 602/2014. (Sergio Feitoza is one of the co-authors of IEC 62271-307 and brochure Cigrè 602/2014),
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