Chapter 8a - Electrodynamic Forces & Stresses during Short-Circuit – Concepts, IEC 61117, IEC TR 60865.

This chapter is part of the complete training " “Design Concepts for Switchgear, Switchboards, Busducts, and Substations". If you wish to design compact equipment you need to understand very well this theme.
It includes how to assess the withstand ability of insulators and conductors:
- Calculating the static forces distributions
- Converting static forces in "dynamic"
- Calculating forces on insulators, shear forces and bending moment diagram.
- Calculating mechanical stresses on the conductors = bending moment / resistant moment
- Comparing stresses in conductors and forces in insulators with permissible limits.
It shows the importance of parameters such as:
- Geometry and distances between phases
- Materials
- Short circuit currents and its asymmetry
- Supportability (tensile, compression and bending) and distance between insulators
This kind of knowledge helped me to collaborate to design CEPEL’s testing laboratories 250 kA rms,/ 750 kA crest in operation for more than 40 years, to do my M.Sc. Thesis, to develop my software SwitchgearDesign and to help dozens of manufacturers, all over the World, to be approved in high power real tests.
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This is a rare document about power substations equipment.


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