Chapter 7a - Temperature Rise - Concepts for Design & Tests

Summary of the video: This chapter is part of the complete training " “Design Concepts for Switchgear, Switchboards, BusDucts, and Substations". The main aspects covered are the concepts based on the IEC 60943 standard, for calculating contact resistances, loss of life, thermal losses by convection, radiation and conduction concepts appear, IEC 62271-307 is referred.
The basics of the methods of calculating temperature rise are detailed as well as test methods and impacts of the types, areas and fan speeds and materials, etc.
It also shows how to calculate the temperature rise of the internal fluid by the method of IEC 60890 and IEC 62208.
The requirements of the IEC 62271-1 are also shown and how to analyze the values of the temperature rise limits presented in IEC 62271-1, IEC 61439 and IEC 62271-200
Include details about the aging mechanisms for contacts and connections and respective calculation of loss of life.
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This is a rare document about power substations equipment.


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