Build Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Jobs and Businesses

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Learn how to build your new LinkedIn profile as an advert of your skills and personal brand. Make your profile visually appealing and tell a compelling story that will convince your next employer or buyer that you are the product that they want to buy. Get the benefits of having a problem-solving tagline and impress professionals even before they ask for a connection. Learn how to write your responsibilities and key achievements and discover how you too can use LinkedIn to describe your career, education, projects and volunteer work in the best way. Don't chase for jobs or clients; let your new LinkedIn profile bring them to you.
Felipe Lodi creates 21st-century branded professionals for businesses that want to sell, attract and retain top talent with the use of Social Media. He believes that the global demand for specialists can be met with the implementation of employer branding and the learning and development of professionals. He teaches that when used strategically, a strong presence on LinkedIn influences the decision and changemakers. For the international job market, his vision is to establish a standard of professionals that won't need to be interviewed by recruiters or elected by governments. He wants to create a global culture of automated job admittance that will accelerate the hiring and retire the paper CV along with the middlemen. At the end of 2018, he launched his first book, Advanced LinkedIn, documenting his Learning and Development and Social Selling methodologies that led thousands of people to succeed using the network.
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Get the "Build Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract Jobs and Businesses" Course that helped thousands of professionals attract international opportunities since 2015. Learn at your own pace, when you need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are in the globe. Make your questions immediately to the author Felipe Lodi (@felipelodi).

💬 What will you learn in this course?

✅ You will learn that you are the product that you want to sell and the hidden tactics that you must apply to your new LinkedIn profile.

✅ You will learn that LinkedIn is not a job board and that once you start seeing it as a sales platform, the opportunities begin to show.

✅ You will learn about the size of your market on LinkedIn and that every person on the network can give you opportunities.

✅ You will learn how to make your LinkedIn profile visually appealing, how to write your story and a problem-solving tagline that will sell what you do best even when you are not there.

✅ You will learn how to describe on your LinkedIn profile your responsibilities and key achievements as well as projects and volunteer work that will make you known and trusted by your clients or your next employer.

💬 Who is this course for:

✅ Students and job seekers who want to expose their skill set and attract international job opportunities.

✅ Freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to build their personal brands and generate trust in new markets.

✅ Employed professionals who want to reach out to other levels and grow their successful careers on new companies.


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