Brazilian Portuguese with Cleydson Barbosa

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Do you think that Portuguese is a difficult language to learn?

Me too!!!


Despite it is the official language of Brazil, we brazilians have our own wayS of speaking it.


There was no typo here.

As Brazil is a continental country, we have many regions and in each reagion we have our own way to speak Portuguese.

Of course there is a common way of speaking which people use to interect all around the country.

And guess what:

Grammar is the least thing that people think about when they’re speaking to each other here.



You can do it!

Brazilian Portuguese is way easier than you imagine.


Just to make sure...

Give it a try with me ;)

Vejo você lá!

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The course starts in English and drives you until you can walk with your own legs in Portuguese.

The classes are fast, practical and very dynamic.

The support all personalized and you speak directly with the teacher and the team.

The classes evolve with you. According to your experience, the materials are going to be shaped to the way you can get the best results possible.

Flexibility and real attention to your development.

We are willing to have your feedback to that you can be every time better.


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