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This methodology has formed hundreds of Black belts that work with Brazilian jiu-jitsu and are successful in this profession in several cities around the world. This is a organized belt system where each person will know exactly what to learn to become each belt until the black belt.

Each step will been shown on how to achieve your goal. This is the place for you to get answers to all of your questions and I will be here personally to help you.

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Do you know when you think you have done everything you can to get more students and yet when it reaches the mat it is still empty? Or when you get some students and out of nowhere they start to go out and get discouraged? Then you often start looking for answers in the wrong places and think that your lack of students is because you are not known or you were and need to be famous to attract more students, but what you need to understand is that having ten World Champions will not keep your gym full. What will make your gym grow is a very simple plan that I have been improving for over 20 years and that I will pass on to you. I go through all the questions you go through every day and I know how difficult it is to grow a gym. I have already arrived dozens of times in front of a student without knowing what to teach and I have even confused myself with what to teach just like you. Remember you will only be alone if you want to. Count on me. Rocian Gracie Jr


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