Batik Hendala Rock

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Hop on a learning adventure with me and unlock the new approach to dotting mandalas using the Hendala Style. The Hendala Style is a combination of dotted mandalas and henna elements made more dynamic using the coning method.

Aside from helping you discover the beauty of the Hendala Style, I will also feature various techniques that I discovered and used in my art which may also be helpful for your art. The goal of each class is to help you earn a skill while learning the Hendala Style.

The Batik Hendala Rock Class is an advanced course under my Hendala Series. This course comprises of a step-by-step guide on how to recreate my Batik Hendala Rock made of blended and layered swooshes. One of the main goals of this course is to help you develop your skill combining swirl and swoosh patterns which you can also incorporate in your art.

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I strive to include every. single. step. of the procedure in the class content. This includes measuring, sanding, applying resin, or preparing the canvass. It is not different from the other steps. Every detail in the piece will be covered step-by-step. Please see 'Content' to see the lessons included in the class.


You are not obliged to complete the piece in a rushed schedule. You will have the freedom to delve into the creative process at your own stride. If you are in the group, there are a lot of practice activities that you can also try first in preparation to creating the actual piece.


Thanks to this convenient platform, you will find the process from purchasing to accessing the class QUICK AND EASY. After payment is made, your credentials will be sent to the email your provided WITHIN MINUTES.


Once purchased, you will be given a 1-year access to the contents and you will be able to use your credentials in the Hotmart Sparkle app where you can view the contents without difficulty. It is a user-friendly app.


Upon purchase of the class, you will be entitled to join our exclusive Facebook group for Hendala Masterclass students. If there is any part where you feel lost or feel like you need more input or advice, you will have me and your fellow learners ready to pitch in ideas or advices. You can share your progress and feats, ask for advice, or even ask where supplies might be available in your area (we have students from different parts of the world).


Figuratively, learning is always a rewarding process. But aside from this, you also deserve a memento (aside from your piece) to remind you of the class, what you have learned, and the journey overall. So, upon completion of your piece, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.


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