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Wesley Vasconcelos from child had contact with music, but interest in pursuing a career in music came early adolescence at age 13 began learning guitar and never stopped since then.

He studied arranging and 7-string guitar with the cry of Arnaldinho Cavaco and improved their education studying music theory, the Order of Musicians from Brazil (OMB).

At age 18, participated in the Cultural Turn in Bauru, watching Monarco Portela Samba group and Rahro and from this event will your career gained strength and began playing professionally.

His precocious talent is confirmed by one of the biggest names in Choro, legendary flutist Altamiro Carrilho, who with his performances and recordings made of the Regional Fire Along the Clothing and participation in special gigs.

He already performed in several European countries like Spain, Poland, England, France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Scotland playing Brazilian music and giving Workshop on 7-String Guitar and Choro.

He worked alongside renowned whiners like Izaías Bueno - and with this, conducted workshops on Culture Workshop in Uberlândia / MG, addressing techniques applied to 7-string guitar and ukulele into tears.

Among the artists and groups who have performed and recorded, detacam Oswaldinho do Acordeon, Cristóvão Bastos, Ronaldo do Bandolim, Déo Rian, Joel Nascimento, Jorginho do Pandeiro, Valter Silva (7 Strings), Luis Nassif, Milton Mori, Antônio Rocha, Alessandro Penezzi, Rodrigo Y Castro, Walter Pinheiro, João Borba, Cida Moreira, Pedro Miranda, Silvio Modesto, "Choro das 3", Anaí Rosa, Giana Viscardi, Marcelo D2, João Cavalcanti, Virginia Rosa, Bruna Caram, Inezita Barroso , Ilana Volcov, among many others.

 He played in several radio and TV as Mosaic and Mr. Brazil (TV Cultura), Papo watching the Group of Friends of Cry 3 (TV Gazeta), Happy Hour (GNT), Ronnie Von (TV Gazeta) where she performed with Banda Gafieira na Casa, Programa do Jo with Nicola son (Globo), Viola minha Viola watching Inezita Barroso...


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