Audiobook Marketing - 10 Strategies to Marketing your Audiobook

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In today's age of virtual social interaction, the line between personal usage and sales is non-existent.
There are over two million self-published books released every year, and most of those books are sold predominantly online.
Once your book is narrated, perfected, and published, you have to get it out there to listeners.
Just like your digital and print versions, there are specific tactics you can use to generate traffic, reach new listeners, and maximize your profits. You will learn those tactics in this report.
Topics covered:
*Social Media
*Guest Blogging
*Book Funnel
*Encourage Reviews
*Interview Your Voice Talent
*Promo Codes
*Promo Sites
*Back Links
*Paid Ads
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Find out how you can maximize your audiobook income in just 10 steps.


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