The Art of Love in Poetries [e-book]

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If you already had in love someday in your life you'll understand every estrophe of this love book. The Art of Love in Poetries shows poems related with the author's life and the women that has passed in his life: his loves, his family, his children and, until his teachers. It's not simple to express each feeling, each word has a singular and true value. Think how much you love someone that is beside you or, what do you think about your own life with ideologies and personal positions in the different questions of day-life. This book is a first dream inspired in lovings that I have, the lovings that I had, the lovings I'll have, because everyone of them will be an inspiration for me.

Andre Luis de Andrade, the passionate poet.

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- Love poetries to energize your soul and help to discover yourself.

- Read a passionate book with other eyes and found more than you imagine.

- You will find a way to solve issues that you lose in the past.

- In this pandemic moment we're living, a love poetry book with support you.


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