An Introduction to US Law for Brazilian Lawyers

For my introductory U.S. law courses in South Korea and the United
States, attended by both practicing attorneys and
graduate/undergraduate students, I prepared a monograph that would be accessible to individuals with different levels of proficiency in English and different levels of exposure to the laws of countries other than their own. Based on reactions from students, I selected and edited material for this book.
It is not my intention to propose any novel theories with respect to the law, nor do I argue or advocate for any philosophy. Instead, I present background material suitable for students and professionals who are not native speakers of English and who have limited exposure to U.S. law.
The material presented here will be particularly useful for the
international student who comes to the United States to earn a JD or an LLM.
The textbook presents in a concise manner essential principles of U.S. law. First, you will learn the role of case law, statutory law, and
constitutional law in the United States. The book also explains the federal and state court systems in the United States and the
procedure for adjudicating civil and criminal cases. In addition, the book discusses the fundamental principles of torts, contracts, property, choice of law, criminal law and evidence.
For readers interested in additional reading the textbook includes links to relevant cases and statutes.
I'm especially pleased to have readers send me comments and
suggestions. One particularly helpful suggestion was from Bruna Marchi, a legal English teacher in Brazil who proposed the version of the book you are reading today, which includes explanatory notes in Portuguese.
Ms. Marchi is the founder of Descomplicando Ingles Jurídico and I am hopeful that this text will further enhance your study of the US legal system and legal English.
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* Aprenda sobre o Direito norte-americano de um modo simples e eficiente.

* Tradução dos termos técnicos jurídico em português.

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