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In this project you will learn how to work with a large number of LEDs using multiplexation technique with Shift Registers.

For this tutorial, a 4-digit, 14-segment display was used. This type of display is commercially widely used, from alarm clocks to refrigerators.

Electronics and programming language presented on this document are commonly used on global industry. However, if you are a hobbyist or beginner, may not be familiar with some components or concepts, don't worry, because this tutorial was made on a very simple and portable way, so anyone with basic electronics and programming knowledge can carry out the project successfully.

Embedded Software : C Ansi language

Mirocontroller: Renesas RL78


Portable to any microcontroller ?


Does it works on Arduino ?

YES, just set up Arduino output ports and timers.

Does it works on other ddesigns or microcontrollers ?

YES, any microcontroller with 3 output ports avaiable.

If I don't find the exact material , will it work with similar ones ?


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Portable to all plataforms;

Circuit Schematic

Source code


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