Abundance Accelerator: A 7-day intensive to calibrate your cosmic body to the frequency of abundance

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Imagem principal do produto Abundance Accelerator: A 7-day intensive to calibrate your cosmic body to the frequency of abundance

"You are an evil person for mixing money with spirituality" - is a thought that has crossed every spiritual seeker's mind at some point.

We've been conditioned not to want more, to see money as dirty, evil and greedy. When we put money into this box of "bad and dirty", quite conveniently, we let it run our lives in the background without actually taking responsibility for it.

It is time for a RECLAMATION.

It is about time the people of Earth who are here to create love, peace and harmony, to let go of the outdated, self limiting ideas around abundance and REMEMBER their divine worthiness and ability to create MORE.

If you are reading this, it is because you are one of these people:

- The people who need more resources so they can invest, generate and contribute to the world around them in bigger and brighter ways

- The people who need to feel safe and in alignment with their finances so they can stop spending their energies in worry and lack and start using that power to create something new

- The people who's SOUL MISSION is to remember who the fuck they are and USE the resources available to them to create a better reality for ALL.

This is your invitation for a massive upgrade in the way you relate to, spend, and attract abundance.

It is only seven days.

Seven days that will awaken and accelerate your manifesting powers.

Seven days that will reprogram years (maybe lifetimes) of scarcity to put you back onto the prosperous path that you are meant to be on.

Seven days that are the beginning of the rest of your life.

Are you ready to give yourself seven days?

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Carolini Arco
2 Anos Hotmarter

Carolini Arco is a Spiritual Guide, Reiki Master, ICF ACC Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator and the creator of Arco Reiki & Coaching.

Since transitioning from Brazil to North America, Carolini has helped over 2.500 souls ascend their consciousness and co-create miracles in their lives.

Carolini’s specialty is guiding people to awaken for the Divine within. Unblocking programming of scarcity and low self-worth to claim their Soul purpose once and for all.

Arco’s methods have developed over 10 years of studies in cutting edge tactics of behavioral technologies, neuroscience, and energetic alignment. After working closely with some of the leading specialists in the spiritual field, Carolini combined her studies, mentoring experiences, and mystical discoveries to develop a holistic transformational method that creates ripple effects on humanity as a whole.



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