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Spirituality has to do with the full sense, with the elevated vision, but that fullness and elevation raise a perspective that, although it has its difficulty, does not allow the cultivation of the objection, the objection and the reproach that often characterizes many. pose that are settled in the field of spirituality looking for an impossible purity. Or a purity misunderstood, since purity does not necessarily mean negation or estrangement from the animality that we are, but understanding of the transcendent, elevated character of that animality.

Spirituality is not expecting or wanting a world in peace and without problems, that is, an unreal and impossible world, it is rather accepting the value of this indomitable complexity in which we live without being able to avoid it

Yes, spirituality is difficult, but it is difficult because the affirmation of life is difficult. It implies accepting it in a general way, not ruling out its negative aspects, understanding the global phenomenon and grasping its need and its value. If one tries the trick of discarding, that is, the intention to leave out what does not fill us or like us, that trimming also implies an inability to accept the real.

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This time we will talk about the 5 greatest benefits of spirituality.

Spirituality leads you to focus on life. ...

Spirituality keeps you away from bad habits. ...

Being spiritual allows you to reduce stress. ...

Results of spirituality in happiness. ...

Spirituality is a path to God.


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