50 Tips to Learn Foreign Languages On Your Own

Learning foreign languages alone is not impossible, as it depends a lot on your diligence, self-discipline, determination, mental concentration and, above all, an UNBEATABLE WILL to achieve excellence.
Training to master a language is no different from the effort of a marathoner, a musician, a dancer, an actor or any other branch of human knowledge.
“Learning foreign languages requires considerable mental effort, the gymnastics is much more mental than physical. However, every effort put into this learning is worth it”.
If I can, so can you. Nobody is privileged in terms of intellectual capacity, because it can be developed through exercises. In fact, this infinite potential already exists within you, just awaken it through correct stimuli and exercises.
The tips in this book will point you in this direction, as they were based on the real experience of a self-taught person who knew how to teach himself several languages.
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The tips are short and very objective. Many of them are no more than half a page. There is an indication of the best books to be used for each language. It presents the study techniques in a clear and detailed way.

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