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The Nano Race is a set of specialized content for you to learn from the basics of 3D character modeling, you start with the workflow of the Zbrush tool to the development of amazing action scenes with the most beloved superheroes around the planet. Nano Carrea consists of:

Module 1: Basic knowledge of the tool.

Vol. 1: Zbrush Basic: The software interface is known.

Vol 2: Cartoon Pet.

Vol. 3: Harley Queen weapon.

Module 2: Human Anatomy

Vol 4: Anatomy of the body.

Vol 5: Anatomy of the head.

Vol 6: Anatomy of hands and feet.

Vol 7-8 Batman Anatomy.

Module 3: Creation of titans and female figure.

Vol 9: Hulk body.

Vol 10: Hulk Armor.

Vol 11: Texturized Hulk.

Vol 12: Hulk Pose and Render.

Vol 13: Sylvanas Body and Head.

Vol 14: Sylvanas Armor.

Vol 15: Sylvanas Texture.

Vol 16: Sylvanas Pose and Render.

You will learn the basic functions of Zbrush to start your career as a 3D character creator, we will guide you with our video classes no matter if you have no experience in the use of 3D software. Later you will learn how to customize the interface to facilitate the flow of your work focused on the realization of characters, you will use a set of tools that allow you to work controlled forms.

You will apply advanced techniques to optimize your time and your workflow. In each muscle block we will explain you how to generate the correct shape of each one of them, and how they are joined by the tendons to the bones respectively.

You will learn everything you need to model an anatomically correct character, you will know muscle by muscle with its respective name and we will give you many recommendations to apply this knowledge to your future projects. Finally we will develop our first titan and our first realistic female character. Hulk and Sylvanas are the characters that come into action.

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1.We help you build knowledge through projects with a defined deliverable from the beginning.

2. You will receive support material to complement your online sessions with 3D tools that will allow you to improve your skills as a digital sculptor.

3. You don't have to pay for courses, volumes or modules, you get a pass to the full content of 3D Character Art.

4. All content available in Inglish.

5. Access to a group of students and instructors to share questions or the progress of your deliverables.

6. Once the course is completed, we will advise you on how to assemble your portfolio of characters on Artstation.


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