24 Little Pieces for Piano Solo full scores - Divertimentos Serie 1 - Carlos Correia

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In 2002, at the beginning of his composition studies, this work was initiated as an exercise of harmony and form for solo piano, but was treated, by the composer, more than an exercise, but as a serious compositional work, with the idea of to create small songs, following a purely classical style, of a light and tonal character. The suggestion of the name "Divertimentos" (Amusements) was given by his teacher, due to the objectives that he proposed. However, with the high productivity of the author, this work was divided into five volumes, calling them Series. Each series would have 24 small pieces, covering all 24 tonalities, major and minor modes, except for Series 3 and 4 that were incomplete. The conclusion of almost all the songs took place during the years of 2002 and 2003, with very few songs finalized later. The division of the series was given by the type of the initial theme. In series 1, which is this work, the initial theme is composed in the Period model. In series 5, the model is Sentence. Series 2, 3 and 4 are free in their models and forms. Also, at first, all the songs would have the small ternary form, the form a-b-a`, however some were increased or modified due to the demand of form of the composer. We can see that each song has its personality, a non-repetition, and still maintaining simple cadential forms and simple harmonic progressions, which would later be abandoned by the author himself in his compositions since 2005.
All the compositions were done with the utmost care, and meticulously well finished, in which the listener will certainly delight in listening to them. We also noticed that the difficulty of performing the works goes through a difficulty level from easy to intermediate, which is perfect for piano students, or use in conservatories. We hope you enjoy this work you have just acquired.
Rodrigo Rocha
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