100 Fitness Recipes by Kerllen Rego

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I created this ebook in order to make your life easier. We seek to show that the choice for a healthy life is not difficult.

A lot of work was involved to bring you my recipes full of color and flavor.

This is my food during training, competitions and day to day. In this life trajectory I built my career, traveled a lot, studied to seek knowledge and became an athlete to understand the functionalities of the human body.

I always wanted to pass on my discoveries and knowledge.

This material that I present to you is the result of my way of collaborating with people who want a change. Yours, like my life, has all the potential to be sustainable and healthy without missing out on pleasant moments.

I hope that through this ebook you can change the concept of "diet" and that you can live in a lighter way, without quotes, in harmony with your choices.

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