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E-book: 10 fitness recipes, to gain muscle mass faster! Detail: no need to use an electric fryer! Do you want to speed up muscle gain while eating delicious things like french fries, lasagna and other things? Now it's possible! All recipes were supervised and approved by a nutritionist (information on the website or in the E-book) Have you ever faced the situation of eating things you don't like, which are healthy, controlled by not compromising your training? Have you ever been tempted to eat something greasy, with low nutritional value that would ruin your diet? Do you need to eat light and, in some cases, tasteless and unsalted foods? Because this content was made for people like you! After reading this E-book, you never have to stop eating what you like to have the body of your dreams! I have separated 10 recipes for those who want to shape their body, without having to stop eating delights! These are recipes for things you had to give up, like the famous fries, coxinha, pastel and other things that apparently give you bad fat, now they will help you!

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Can't you have the body of your dreams? Are you tired of eating a boring and unsalted diet, and having to give up what you really like to eat? Have you been exercising for a long time and don't get results? Then buy an E-book with 10 recipes that will help you gain muscle! These are recipes for carbohydrates, proteins and natural creatine that will help you gain the body of your dreams!

Have you ever been in a place and smelled chips and other things you like to eat but don't eat because you're at the gym? In this E-book, you will find things that you left to eat to go to the gym and that will now be part of your diet!


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