Learn from major players in entrepreneurship and education in a global, free, and online event

Discover the strategies used by Producers, Affiliates, Creators, and Hotmart Specialists, and how what they do has transformed the lives of people all around the world through distance education.

October 19th to 23rd, 2020

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What is Hotmart MASTERS?

Have you noticed how the digital market is constantly evolving?

Hotmart Masters is an online event that is going to keep you updated on the main themes and trends in the market.

We’ll bring together great experts from all over the world, who are market references for the major topics of the online universe.

With this exclusive selection of content, you will stay on top of the main trends for 2020 and 2021 and your vision on how to do business will be reshaped.

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5 days of fast learning
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Exchange experiences in an exclusive community
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Learn new ways to promote your product
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Come up with new ideas for your business

Get the most of this complete experience from the comfort of your home

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Watch more than 15 hours of the most engaging classes, with interactive content, and renowned names in the international market.
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Learn the secrets and discover the real stories behind the masters in the digital market. The biggest names gathered in one single event.
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Join the event’s community on our official app and share your experience and knowledge with other participants.
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The first edition of Hotmart MASTERS was a huge success

  • 150 thousand participants from Latin America, North America, and Europe
  • Over 50,000 people watching simultaneously
  • 30 speakers from Latin America and Europe
A woman with a computer and on the computer screen, one of the speakers at the first edition of Hotmart MASTERS
  • Lectures in Portuguese and Spanish with subtitles
  • More than 5,000 comments and interactions on social networks

And the second edition promises to be even bigger!

There’s room in the market for those who can reinvent themselves.