Terms of Purchase

Version updated on February 24, 2021

1. General Guidelines

1.1. By placing an order, the Buyer confirms their knowledge and agreement to the provisions of these Terms of Purchase. Furthermore, by placing an order, the Buyer also declares to agree to be bound in a full and unrestricted manner to Hotmart's Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Hotmart's Cookies Policy (jointly referred to as "Policies"). The Terms of Use and Policies govern all relations between the Buyer and the Platform, as well as between the Buyer and other Users, and are supplemented by the provisions of these Terms of Purchase.

1.2. Hotmart may refuse or cancel a purchase order, in addition to the payment of commissions to Affiliates, if it identifies that the Buyer consists of an Affiliate buying from their own link, or if the Buyer's information is not fully provided with actual information about him/her.

1.3. Hotmart may refuse approval of a purchase requested by a Buyer who has already made more than one request for reimbursement through the Platform.

1.4. The services and features made available through the Platform are provided as they are ("as is"), without expressed or implied guarantees, including, among others, warranty of merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose, property, non-infringement, and protection against computer viruses or other harmful codes.

1.5. Any additional information about the Product must be obtained by the Buyer directly from the Producer after the purchase. The Buyer will receive the Producer's contact email.

1.6. The purchase will appear on the card statement or invoice indicating Hotmart's name. However, this consists of mere identification of Hotmart as a facilitator of payment on the invoice or card statement. That does not make the Platform a seller or responsible for the Product, nor its functionality, features, offer, and advertising.

1.7. For problems and questions regarding purchases, such as payment options, access to the Product, refunds, and support in general, the Buyer should contact our support service through this link.

1.8. Hotmart is a digital product distribution platform and has no labor, employment, or any other relationship with the Producers; it only provides technology services and digital distribution of the Products. As provided in terms of Use, Hotmart is not responsible for the Product purchased because the Producer is entirely responsible for its content, functionality, quality, offer, and advertising.

1.9. By using the Platform as a Buyer, you are hiring the brokerage services provided by Hotmart. When Users make a transaction on a Product through the Platform, they enter into a contract directly with each other. Hotmart is not, and does not, become a party to, an intermediary or guarantor of any relationship between Users. Hotmart does not act as an agent or distributor of any User. Hotmart does not create, develop, control, endorse, or supply any Product to Users. The Producers are responsible for their products' content and information, being liable for their existence and characteristics, quality, functionality, quantity, offer, and advertising. To resolve issues specifically related to the content of the Product purchased, Buyers must contact the Producer's team.

2. Entrega dos dados de acesso

2.1. The Product’s delivery time may vary according to the payment methods, for example:

  • Bank payment slip (boleto), up to 72 hours;

  • Credit card, up to 24 hours;

  • Online bank transfer, up to 8 hours.

3. Reimbursement of Purchases

3.1. The period from 7 to 30 days set by the Producer for the Buyer to exercise their right of repentance starts on the effective purchase date. This period should first and foremost be in compliance with the period required by local laws. Thus, the Buyer is responsible for immediately verifying if access to the purchased Product has been granted. If the Buyer has any technical problem to access the Product, the cancellation period is suspended until the problem is solved, then the period will restart from where it stopped.

3.2. In case of reimbursement, the Buyer can be reimbursed via bank transfer or credit card chargeback, depending on the payment methods used at the time of purchase. The refund can take place in about 30 days, in the case of bank transfer, and from 30 to 60 days, if the refund is provided through a credit card chargeback.

3.3. The refund requests imply the reimbursement of the total amount of the purchase.

4. Access blocking and denial of purchase

4.1. By placing an order, the Buyer understands and accepts that Hotmart may, at its sole discretion, carry out the preventive blocking of the Buyer's access to the Platform whenever it becomes aware of any indication of fact or conduct that may characterize a violation of Hotmart's Terms of Use or Policies. The preventive blocking shall be maintained until (a) Hotmart finds out that the suspected fact or conduct does not characterize a violation, or (b) Hotmart is regularly notified of a court order or determination by administrative authorities to reverse the blocking. If Hotmart confirms the occurrence of any violation by the Buyer, the preventive block may be converted into definitive, in accordance with the Terms of Use, without the Buyer being entitled to any indemnification or chargeback.

4.2. Among other hypotheses foreseen in the Terms of Use, Hotmart may refuse to approve a purchase order if (a) it is made by a Buyer who has made a refund request to Hotmart for the same Product; (b) it is made by a Buyer who has their name or identity linked to public or private lists intended to identify persons involved in illicit or irregular activities; or (c) if Hotmart finds that the Buyer has adopted atypical or suspicious behaviors, which may put the Platform, its Users or third parties at risk.

5. Purchases with Trial Period

5.1. If this Product is being made available by means of "Trial Period" mode, we clarify that this mode represents a period of free use. The Free Period will have the duration indicated by the Producer and is intended to allow interested parties to try the digital content for the specified period.

5.2. We emphasize that if the Buyer does not expressly cancel the Trial Period at the end of the free period of use, the Producer responsible for the Product will automatically charge for the subscription to the Product, whose purchase will be governed by these Terms of Purchase.

6. Purchases completed through the automated sales recovery tool

6.1. In installment purchases, if the Buyer's card is declined due to insufficient funds, the Producer may choose to offer Automated Sales Recovery. With this tool, when confirming the Product purchase in installments, the Buyer authorizes payment through monthly recurring transactions on their credit card.

6.2. The Buyer shall keep the data informed at the time of purchase valid and updated, including the details of the credit card used, so that the recurring transactions are made on the due dates, until the full amount is paid, within the chosen period.

6.3. If any transaction in following months is not authorized or approved, for any reason, the Buyer's access to the Product shall be blocked until all outstanding charges are duly paid.

7. Purchase of Event Tickets

7.1. In case of purchase of tickets for events registered by the Producer, which must occur under the full responsibility of the Producer, without any subsidiary or joint responsibility of Hotmart, the following rules and conditions shall apply:

7.1.1. The rules for reimbursement of the amount paid in case of repentance of the purchase are defined by the Producer. Thus, in order to confirm the specific rules for the ticket to be purchased, check this information on the ticket sales page or contact the Producer.

7.1.2. We remind you that in some cases, Producers only accept the refund request if it is made by the Buyer within up to seven days from the date of purchase, and provided that the refund request is made at least 48 hours before the start of the event. Therefore, take notice and carefully read the policies and rules of the event made available by the Producer.

7.1.3. Buyer requests for the refund of ticket purchases for events made on the day of the event or after check-in will not be authorized.

7.1.4. If the Buyer chooses to upgrade the ticket initially purchased (i.e., its exchange for a ticket with different conditions than the original ticket), the refund period will continue linked to the date of purchase of the ticket initially purchased, and the period will not be changed due to the upgrade.

7.1.5. The Producer organizing the event shall be solely liable for the costs and responsibilities of reimbursing all Buyers if, for any reason, the event is not held or does not take place in the manner offered. Hotmart shall have the right of recovery against the Producer for any amounts that the Platform is obliged to pay to Buyers by virtue of action, claim, or administrative, judicial or extrajudicial process.

7.2. It should be noted that, in the case of tickets for events, the taxes will apply according to the rules and regulations of the country where the event is held.

8. Cancellation of transactions and refunds

8.1. Purchases paid, including those made through PayPal, may be canceled by the Buyer, provided that they respect the refund periods of each Product, which vary depending on the type of transaction, are observed in the following ways:

  • The Buyer can request the cancellation and refund of the transaction directly through the Platform at this link;

  • The Buyer can contact the Producer responsible for the Product directly, through their email, and request the cancellation and refund. In this case, the Producer must perform the refunding procedure through the Platform.

8.2. In any of the above cases, Hotmart will contact the Buyer, through the email registered in the Platform, requesting their full bank details for the refund. Therefore, it is essential that the Buyer inform Hotmart the full and correct bank details to allow the refund to be made. If the Buyer fails to provide the correct details, Hotmart shall not be held responsible for the failure to make the refund.

8.3. Products purchased with recurring payments may be cancelled in one of the ways described below:

  • The Buyer can request the cancellation of the subscription directly on the Platform, through this link;

  • The Buyer can contact the Producer responsible for the Product directly, through their email, and request the cancellation of the subscription. In this case, the Producer must perform the procedure through the Platform.

  • The Buyer can cancel directly through their PayPal account.

8.4. It is important to emphasize that the cancellation of a subscription does not mean that the purchase will be refunded. Therefore, to cancel a subscription and request refund for a purchase, the Buyer must follow separate procedures. In case of a refund, the last payment will be reimbursed and not the full purchase price.

9. Purchases made in European Union countries

9.1. If the purchase is made by someone located in the European Union, a valid VAT (Value Added Tax) identification number can be provided by the Buyer so that they can identify themselves as a legal entity customer and thus, as a person subject to the VAT. However, if the Buyer does not provide a valid VAT identification number within a reasonable time, Hotmart B.V. will assume that he is a non-taxable subject. In this regard, you, the Buyer, agree that the 15-day period after the purchase order shall be considered a reasonable period for a valid VAT identification number to be provided for tax purposes, if applicable to your case. To check the validity of a VAT identification number, please visit this link.