Terms of Participation

The digital entrepreneurship event called FIRE FESTIVAL is exclusively owned by LAUNCH PAD TECNOLOGIA E SERVIÇES (henceforth "HOTMART"), register under Corporate Taxpayer's Number (CNPJ/MF in Brazil) 13.427.325/0001-05, which is the sole proprietor of all intellectual property rights and other rights related to the aforementioned event. Therefore, by purchasing a ticket to attend the FIRE FESTIVAL (henceforth "EVENT"), YOU agree, completely, unrestrictedly, and irrevocably, to the Terms of Participation, composed of the conditions that follow:

  1. YOU agree to fully comply with all the norms, rules, and internal regulations of the venue in which the EVENT will take place, as well as respect the applicable federal, state, and municipal legislation, under penalty of being removed from the EVENT;

  2. The carrying, use, or consumption of illicit substances, cold weapons or firearms at the EVENT is not allowed, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages is also banned, except for the ones provided/sold by the EVENT's organization;

  3. The schedule of the EVENT, with days and times of the talks and respective speakers, are subject to changes for causes beyond the control of HOTMART, who is committed, however, to keep the scheduling and information about the EVENT duly updated on its official page (hotmart.com/fire). Therefore, YOU will be exclusively responsible for keeping up with eventual updates to the scheduling and other information about the EVENT, not holding HOTMART responsible for the possible changes to the schedule of the EVENT;

  4. The cancellation and refund request of the ticket purchase for the EVENT may be carried out through the Hotmart Platform (hotmart.com) and may be requested up to 3 (three) days before the date of the EVENT. The purchases of tickets made after the aforementioned period (3 days) will not be entitled to a refund, regardless of the reason;

  5. HOTMART will treat every participant of the EVENT properly and adequately. Therefore, YOU must civilly and kindly treat every participant, speaker, and HOTMART employee, be them outsourced or not, under penalty of being removed from the EVENT;

  6. With regard to the deep respect for all political and religious standings, HOTMART has, as a rule, to not have its institutional image linked to political parties and/or politicians, nor to religious beliefs. Therefore, political or religious activities/manifestations at the EVENT are not allowed. Besides, the practices of vandalism, racist or homophobic conducts, aggressive or inadequate behavior, which may jeopardize the image, property or business of HOTMART. If any act, attitude or behavior as described above is identified, the participant agrees with his or her immediate removal from the EVENT;

  7. HOTMART makes every reasonable effort in its power to avoid harm or damage to the participants in the EVENT and third-parties. In this sense, you release HOTMART from any responsibility, civil or criminal, for any harm, physical injuries, material and moral damages that may occur during the EVENT. Moreover, HOTMART will not be held responsible, under any circumstances, for harm and damages caused by an action and/or omission, intentionally or unintentionally, from third-parties, even if hired by HOTMART;

  8. YOU agree to grant HOTMART the rights to use your image, voice, name, and nickname, in any material such as photographs, videos, testimonials, and documents, to be used in promotional or institutional campaigns and ads made by HOTMART aiming at promotion to the general public. This authorization is granted freely, for the period of 12 (twelve) months, from the date the ticket for the EVENT is purchased, automatically renewed for equal and successive periods, and it may be terminated through expressed manifestation;

  9. In regard to the applicable protection to personal data norms, especially GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the personal data from the participants obtained by HOTMART during the EVENT, such as full name, electronic address, and pictures, will be collected based on the legitimate need and interest by HOTMART to comply with legal obligations, as well as executing the agreement made with participants (Terms of Purchase);

    The goal of the collection of data is to keep participants informed about the EVENT and its developments, communication related to financial and tax aspects of the agreement, treatment and identification of complaints, institutional advertisement, of the EVENT itself and maintenance of the agreement between HOTMART and participants. Therefore, the act of taking part in the EVENT will be considered your expressed consent with the collection of data mentioned above for the purposes described here;

  10. Taking into account that during the EVENT there will be an exposition, by HOTMART and speakers, of content that is protected by intellectual property rights, recordings in audio, picture, and filming of the talks and the EVENT itself are not allowed, nor is carrying out interviews and collection of testimonials from the other participants in the EVENT, except when previously and formally authorized by HOTMART;

  11. HOTMART may cancel or suspend the EVENT for reasons of public safety, public acts, vandalism and/or force majeure and misfortune, but this measure does not grant the rights to the refund of expenses with the purchase of tickets or reimbursement for correlated expenses;

  12. The participants that violate these Terms of Participation may be removed from the EVENT by HOTMART employees, security guards, or police authorities, without prejudice to other applicable administrative and legal measures. Therefore, the participants that violate the Terms of Participation will not be entitled to any kind of refund, reimbursement or damages from HOTMART;

  13. If there are any questions about the EVENT and/or the Terms of Participation, please send an email message to suporte@hotmart.com and it will be considered by HOTMART.