Hotmart has custom-made tools to optimize your business and make you sell more!

Hotmart Club

Easily organize your content

With Hotmart Club, the exclusive Hotmart members area, you easily organize your course and also improve the learning experience of your students. You can count on a series of tools to organize your content into modules, test your students’ knowledge, keep track of how they evolve during the course and so on.

Register pictures, videos, audios, PDFs and a lot more
Add extra content for 1-click purchases
Host your videos on Club

Find the best products in the market

The Market at Hotmart has over 70 thousand products. intelligent features such as Temperature and Blueprint also help you choose the perfect products to promote.

Browse through 24 different categories
Find out products with the highest sales potential
Make use of tools that assess the products’ potential

Integration with the best email marketing tools

Maximum sale conversion

Hotpay is the first payment method especially created for the digital product market. It allows you to add special resources to your products, such as the recurring payment and 1-click purchase, and it is also the highest conversion system in the market, since it was totally set according to the specific characteristics of the digital products transactions.

Sell your products in any country
Purchases approval in only 4 seconds
The structure is developed for a high volume of transactions

Maximum security for all

Hotmart follows the main international digital security standards, such as PCI Compliance and CSE Security. You have the peace of mind of knowing that your information - and your clients’ - will be totally protected and encrypted on every transaction in the platform.

2048-bit encryption

Content protection through DRM (Digital Right Management)

Anti-fraud system that avoid chargebacks

Your strategies increasingly optimized

With the detailed Hotmart’s reports, you have access to a great deal of information that will help you optimize your marketing campaigns and develop your sales strategies. You can check information about your Revenues, Income reports, Affiliates performance, number of sales and more, in real time.

Keep track of the performance of your Affiliates
Find out how many leads were generated for each advert
View all your financial information with a few clicks