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Save time and be free

The delivery of your products is automatic, and so is the sharing of commissions between your Affiliates. Automating your processes will give you with more time to do what you enjoy the most.

Total flexibility for your business

When working with digital products, you do not need a physical infrastructure for your business, which reduces operational costs and allows you to work when and wherever you prefer.

Unlimited distribution

Since your inventory is infinite, your sales are unlimited and unrestricted. You have no expenses with logistic nor delivery of your products.

Find out why you sell more with Hotmart

Largest Affiliates program in Latin America

Hotmart has a broad promotion network, with over 700 thousand users ready to increase the reach of your content and promote your products to the whole world.

Free and exclusive Members Area

With Hotmart Club you set up your courses in an easy way and have a variety of resources to evaluate the progress of your students. You also have exclusive tools to enhance the sales potential of additional modules and related products.

Highest conversion rate of the market

Created especially for the digital products market HotPay was developed according to digital transactions’ characteristics and peculiarities, providing a high sales conversion.

Highest checkout conversion

Having a simple, intuitive checkout is a key factor for increasing your sales conversion. At Hotmart, you can set up your checkout according to your own sales strategies.

Maximum security

Hotmart has many safety features to protect your contents against piracy, guarantee your Affiliates commission and encrypt all banking information of your clients.

Sales Funnel

With Hotmart sales funnel you can display complementary offers to clients who have just bought one of your products. Furthermore, if your client chooses not to buy the product, you can set up a way for him to receive offers of other products you sell, or reoffer the same product with special promotions.

Your featured products

Hotmart has tools that automatically evaluate the sales potential of your product. If it is registered in a structured way and has a good sales history, it will be highlighted in the market and will be easily found by Affiliates.

Your contact list organized

With ListBoss exclusive Hotmart’s tool, you automatically separate your email lists, which allows you to create more direct advertising campaigns, according to your clients’ previous actions.

With no registration fee, no monthly payments, no stress!

You don't need to make any initial investment or pay a monthly subscription fee to have access to all features at Hotmart. For each sale made a small fee for the operation is deduced, according to the table below:

  • Exclusive Members Area
  • Largest Affiliates program in Latin America
  • Automatic management of email lists
  • Payment method with the highest approval rate of the market
  • Advanced Reports
  • Widget for personal websites integration
  • Have two or more producers registered
  • Exclusive tracking system
  • Assistance Center
  • Sales Funnel
  • Customized checkout page
  • Hotmart App
Fee per sale:9,90% + $ 1,00

Our commitment to your results is such that you don't pay anything before you start selling! :)


And if you do not have a product, you can advertise products registered at Hotmart.
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