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Pressed Play? Sold!

An unparalleled buying experience

Sell your digital products in a unique manner, thus impressing your customers while they watch you.

High-performance checkout

Boost your conversions through a resource created and tested by Hotmart for your checkout.

Easy to use,
easy to setup

Choose the right moment to insert the checkout in your videos

Register the product you're going to sell

Select the ideal offer to reach your customers

Add, organize, and sell

Upload, organize, and sell your videos easily and with safety, sharing them in different media formats and channels.

Unlimited storage capacity, store as much as you'd like

Count on unlimited space to store and distribute as many videos as you'd like.

Protection against Copies or Downloads

More safety for your videos with technology that prevents the content from being copied or downloaded.

Varied Video Formats

Register your content in different formats available to you, such as .MOV, .MP4, .MKV, .AVI, and .MP3.

Automatic Resolution adjustment

Optimize your customers' experience when they watch your videos by offering the ideal resolution according to their connexion speed.

Integration with HotPay