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Save time and sell more by automating your emails

Integrate your Hotmart account with your email marketing provider.

That way, you can segment and automate your email campaigns so as to increase your sales and to have more time to grow your business.

Save more time with automated processes

Segment your leads automatically, according to parameters set by you. That way, your communication will be more direct and effective.

Closely monitor the actions taken by your Leads

Monitor your potential customers and analyze actions when the subject is purchase, subscription, access, or product review.

Create more intelligent campaigns

Create strategic actions according to the steps taken by the customers before and after the purchase, creating campaigns that achieve the results you expect.

Automation that saves you time and increases your conversion

Have your users abandoned the shopping cart or your subscription services?

Send automated emails, according to your audience's profile, so you can recover a sale or encourage students to keep advancing on your course.

Your email service integrated with your Members Area:

Integrated with Hotmart Club, ListBoss enables you to send automated messages when your students register, complete a percentage set by you or when they don't access the course for a few days.

Check out the most used segmentations on ListBoss

Integrate the most important email marketing tools to Hotmart