Overview  – See all of our tools and learn why you can sell more with Hotmart.

Sell to the whole world with our exclusive payment system developed especially for digital products.

You can count on the system with the highest approval rate in the market.

Your product, your currency

Market your digital product around the world, in the buyer's local currency, and get paid in yours.

Direct transactions

Your money goes straight to your bank account, no middle agents, no complication.

Highly secure and trustworthy.

Encrypted Data

The customer's personal information is encrypted and a purchase confirmation is generated and sent to the credit card operator, making the transaction faster and protecting your data.

Lower Chargeback risks

HotPay identifies and ascertains situations with a high risk of fraud according to the transaction history of the buyer, decreasing the risk of chargebacks.

The Protection you've always wanted for your orders

Count on the protection recommendations of CSE Security, PCI-DSS, and 3D Secure, three of the greatest security systems in the world, which regulate companies that deal with personal and bank information.

Take your product to the entire world

Receive sales and commissions in Dollars or Euros

Payments made in international currency, including international credit cards – such as Euro, Mexican Peso, or Peruvian Soles - are converted into Dollars or Euros, according to your preference, and deposited on your Hotmart account. You can withdraw them, in your own bank, in local currency.

- PayPal
- Direct Debit

Local Payment Methods

Increase approval rates in other countries using local payment methods such as Baloto (Colombia) and OXXO (Mexico).

Smart Installments

Offer your customers international payments in up to 3 installments and boost sales all around the world!

Collection of VAT paid by Buyer and Seller

Opt for the collection of VAT - Value-Added Tax - in purchases and sales in Europe. Companies may be exempt from paying this tax.

Boost your conversions

A direct connection, without middle agents, that increases your conversion rates and offers several payments options.

A solid and scalable structure that can process thousands of transactions at the same time.

Besides the credit card companies you already know, HotPay enables digital payments through Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Your buyers get yet another payment option and you increase your chances of selling more.

Recurring Payments

Sell digital products, such as courses or subscription programs, in periodic payments - monthly, quarterly, semestral or annual - and keep your business constantly evolving.

Agility and ease on your transactions

Advance on Commissions

By getting an advance on commissions you can invest your assets in new campaigns and take your digital product to the next level.

Direct withdrawal from your Bank Account

All commissions generated by payments in BRL are deposited straight into your bank account. To withdraw them, you don't need to create other accounts and it all goes straight to your bank account registered at Hotmart.

Easy Integration with Hotmart Club

Manage and automate processes on your Hotmart Members Area with the automatic integration of HotPay to Club.

The Best Buying Experience

Several Checkout options

Use the best of each Checkout available on our payment system: Standard, Mobile, Widget, and Customized Checkout.

Checkout data Customization

Choose the information the customer will fill in when completing the purchase.

Purchase Approval and Instant Delivery

In just 4 seconds the purchase is approved and the customer goes straight to the product's access page.

Customize the name of the product on the invoice

The Producer decides how the name of the product appears on the buyer's invoice, making it easily recognizable, thus decreasing chargeback rates for nonidentification of the purchase.

Great for mobile payments

Features that make your customer's shopping experience easier on thank you pages on mobile devices, conferring agility to actions that should be taken after the purchase.

"For anyone working with digital products, using HotPay is practically an obligation.
A fast, simple, safe, and trustworthy system."

Mairo Vergara -
Producer - English Course Mairo Vergara 4.0

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