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HotConnect is an application that connects Hotmart's platform to external websites and enables the access of the buyers' information and transaction status.

When using this tool, it is possible to launch a subscription product and keep using your website exclusive area. In this case, Hotconnect is used to inform the status of transactions and authenticate users access in case the subscription's payment is up to date.

The great advantage of using HotConnect is that it enables you to verify the status of the purchase. Therefore, if the subscriber is approved, he will be able to access the website's restricted area automatically, without having to individually unrestrict the accesses. Likewise, if the user's payments are pending, the access is blocked automatically.

HotConnect has five operations:

  • Authentication of buyers with credencials provided by Hotmart
  • Buyer's information recovery
  • Buyer's purchases recovery
  • Buyer's subscriptions recovery
  • All Hotmart's products recovery