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Sales funnel

The Sales Funnel is a process that consists of creating a path with well-established stages for your client to go through since her first contact, which normally starts with the registration of an email, until the final offer.

After creating a series of emails to establish a relationship, you start offering your products. And this is when Hotmart's Sales Funnel comes in. If you have more than one product registered on the platform, you can create an automatic sequence of offers. And even if your lead chooses not to buy a product, you can still offer her different products.

Check below an example of Sales Funnel:

Did not buy a product ->
Offers a similar product

Bought a product ->
Offers a complementary product

Did not buy the complementary product ->
Offers the same product with a special price

Bought a complementary product ->
Offers a third product

There are several techniques that can be used with the Sales Funnel. You can start by selling a lower-priced product and then offer other more expensive products, for example. Or you can sell the more expensive product and offer additional products at a lower price than the first one. You can even create offers with special prices if your client does not want to buy anything at first. Knowing these techniques is essential to decide which sales strategy is best for your campaign.

The most used strategies nowadays are Upsell, Downsell, and Cross-Sell.

Upselling is about offering products to your customer right after her first purchase. The product won't necessarily have a higher price than the previous one. DOwnselling is a sales strategy used to convince the customer who refused the purchased. She gets a second chance of buying the same product, only with better conditions.

Cross Sell is a sales strategy that combines the Upsell and the Downsell at the Sales Funnel, offering the clients options according to their positive or negative actions towards the product previously offered.

To use this tool, you must:

  • Have two or more products registered
  • Have a legal entity account registered
  • Have the possibility to create an external sales page