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Offer courses and count on tools created especially to help who really has a thirst for knowledge

Easy to use

Provide your students a simple browsing experience, giving access to the content on a desktop or mobile device with the same comfort and speed.

Accessible content

Give access to your digital course in seconds, organize the content in modules and make your students' learning easier with tools focused on their experience.

Content download

Enable the download of additional material for your students to have access to it from anywhere at any time.

Instant notifications

Take advantage of notifications that show actions of other users and optimize your students learning and interaction.

Exclusive streaming with top-notch technology

Personal notes on Player

Help your students organize the content by creating personal notes in the lessons - flagging the most relevant aspects to check later.

Dynamic Resolution

Automatically adjust the video resolution to the ideal resolution of your students' connection.


Allow your students to watch your lessons faster by speeding them up.

Certify your students

Intelligent quizzes

Test your students with the option of random questions and answers, single answer and automatic correction or multiple choice and customized results.

Generate Certifications

Set up and automatically distribute the course certificate of conclusion and enrich your students' CV.

Complement your course

Integration with HotPay and with Hotmart

Integration with HotPay allows you to offer additional paid content for your students comfortably and securely.

Extra content

Enter new material whenever you want and expand the knowledge of your students with more exclusive contents you've created.

Extra Paid Content

Offer new extra material from your online course to ensure your students have an even more relevant learning experience.

New special offers

Introduce other exclusive products to your students that make their evolution experience complete, certificating experts in the subject.

Promote the interaction among your students and boost their learning process

Comments and questions

Allow your students' knowledge to evolve even faster by commenting their questions or making notes on the lessons.

Be a part of the conversation

Stimulate the participation and contribute with new ideas about topics your students are interested in.

Student Profile

Allow your students to create their own profile to interact with other users and exchange new experiences.

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