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Different formats

Upload files from different formats and extensions, such as audios in MP3 or videos in AVI, MP4, MOV or MKV.

More than enough space

Count on illimited space to register your video lessons each one with up to 1GB in different pages of content.

Attached Files

Attach images, audios, spreadsheets, text files, presentations, ebooks or any other material to your lessons.

Your content under our protection

Exclusive streaming system

Register your lessons in video and use our streaming system developed with first-rate technology.

Video Subtitles

Add subtitles in up to 66 languages and give your students more accessibility when consuming your content all over the world.

Safe content

Load your videos calmly and safely, without copies, release to third-parties or content piracy.

Encrypted traffic data

Have your data protected and encrypted with the SSL certificate.

Delivery Date

Decide when your content will be released to your students per days after the purchase or at a specific date of your choosing.

Free Trial

Enable the free trial period on your subscription product and allow your students to try out the content before purchasing it.

Complete reports

Check the total number of students, single accesses, students who finished the course, number of comments, and other essential information for your digital business.

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Club Sales

Create new offers and sell other products within your course, that is while your students are more engaged. This tool is also available for Affiliations.

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Different charging methods

Create different models of products such as subscriptions, products with recurrent or single payment, and many others.

Sales information

Check your metrics by looking at uncomplicated reports integrated with the Hotmart platform.

International Payments

Get paid for your content in other currencies such as Dollar, Euro, Peso and others.

Extra paid modules

Offer other exclusive modules of your online course and sell with just 1 click.

Promotion Partners

Take your content to more people with the largest Affiliate network in Latin America.

Take care of your students in just one place

Permissions on
Members Area

Set your users' roles and make managing your students easier.

Import students

Add one user at a time or import students' lists to your online course.

Management system
of comments

Interact with your students and manage comments, enabling the discussion of ideas and exchange of knowledge.

Reports of reach

Integrate your Members Area with Google Analytics and follow browsing information.

Create Classes experiences

Split your students into different groups and offer the ideal learning experience for each class in the same online course.

More focused lessons

Add different lessons without the need to create new products, segmenting the new content to one or more classes.

More efficient offers

Make offers to each of the classes, adjusting to the real needs of you students' profile.

Interaction per audience

Filter comments per classes, interacting and answering the topics from your lessons by audience.

Reports per classes

Check reports from each class and have new insights that boost the evolution of your course.

Mass messages

Talk to your students by using our system of shooting messages per classes or to your entire base of students.

Your Members Area looking just like your online course

Customized domain and subdomain

Easily customize your URL, choosing the ideal domain and subdomain for your content.


Use your logo and leave your Members Area with your product's visual identity, without knowing about coding or spending money on developers.

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