An easy, efficient, and free way of selling your online course.

Turn your knowledge into a product with the online platform that hosts and distributes digital products.

Interface muito simples!

Free and easy

Using Club doesn't cost a penny and it is very easy! You can do everything yourself: organize the course, define access, and decide how much you will charge without the help of a designer or programmer. And, best of all: sign up and get instant access!

Everything you need to begin

Have the freedom to register any digital product you wish: ebooks, videos, audio, apps...
Increase your sales with the help of our promotion tools.
Sell your content to any country and reach the whole world without leaving your home.

Optimized sales conversion

You can reduce the number of fields in your checkout page and increase your conversion rate, without losing the information from the buyer. The magic works like this: you only asks for the basic information to make the sale, and the buyer enters the remaining information in their first access at Hotmart Club.

Uncomplicated learning

Organize your lessons into modules, offer supplementary materials for download and use our tools to test and make the progress of your students take off.

Discover the functionalities of Hotmart Club

  • Organize your content
  • Assess your Students
  • Certify the participants
  • Deliver extra content
  • On any device
  • Follow the progress

  • Count on promotion partners
  • Receive international payments
  • Create special offers
  • Generate leads with free modules
  • Sell extra content

  • Customize your Club
  • Show your brand
  • All at the right time
  • Personalize your URL
  • Split your lessons into modules

  • Completely protected content
  • Completely safe streaming
  • Encrypted traffic data

  • Check your balance
  • Build a relationship with your students
  • Follow your sales

Check out the testimonials from users who are already using the platform:

It has taken the market to the next level! With Hotmart Club, I deliver content to my students in a fast and simple way. And the best thing: in a very professional way.
Warley Soares E-Editora
Reliable, professional and very easy to use! Because it eas developed by people who really understand our business, the platform meets all our specific needs, and it is constantly evolving.
Rodrigo Cançado Mothers who teach
Thank you, Hotmart, your Club is excellent! Thanks to Hotmart, I don't have to worry about creating a high-quality members area. For this reason, I can focus on what really matters: my students!
Raphael Silva Academy of Game Production
Another step in the right direction. The possibility of selling additional modules in the members area is the "cherry on top" from a tool that is already remarkable in its essential features.
Lourenço Maciel Digital Advice
More time to dedicate to your students In the past, I made the mistake of developing my own members area. I solved this problem by migrating my videos to Hotmart Club. Without the shadow of a doubt, it was the right decision!
Harlley Oliveira Playcode

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