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Assistance Center

To facilitate and expedite your client's service and care, you can use Hotmart's Assistance Center to register some people who will have limited access to your account information.

Besides determining who your product's assistants will be, you can also choose the permission level for each one of them and what sales information they will have access to.

With this resource, the assistants who will perform your clients' customer support, as well as you can set up accesses focused on your affiliates manager or IT professional, who frequently need to use some of your account information. All this in a secure manner and extremely easy to configure.

View some of the permissions you can grant your assistants:


  • Research purchase
  • Research by time period
  • Issue bank billet
  • Request refund
  • Resend e-mail
  • Change buyer's e-mail


  • Create/Change products
  • Create/Change offers


  • Allow Affiliates approval
  • Create/Change sales funnel
  • View Affiliates' performance report
  • Manage Affiliates
  • Manage subscriptions