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The most complete Affiliate Program in the digital market

The best products and the best commissions in the market for those who want to make money online by selling digital content. An opportunity to bring together the freedom of your dreams and the profits you want.

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You don't have to create anything to start making sales

Find complete materials to sell, on a variety of subjects, affiliate to them, and start promoting right away

Amazing commissions

Get up to an 80% commission for each sale you make, depending on the product you have affiliated to

The best products

You don't have to create a course to get started: pick from more than 108 thousand of the best products in the digital market

Safe tracking

Count on efficient resources to track your performance as an Affiliate and guarantee you'll receive the commissions with total safety

Sales tracking

Keep a close eye on your sales and commissioning numbers by getting thorough and simple reports

Why have thousands of people chosen Hotmart's Affiliate Program?

The highest conversion rate

Gain access to the highest conversion rate of the digital product's market and reach your financial independence in less time

Easy experience for beginners

Choose the ideal product to promote and share its link - automatically generated - it's effortless

Totally free of charge for Affiliates

Go to the platform, fill in your information in a few minutes and create your free account to start selling

Sell all over the world

Professional Producers and Affiliates are at Hotmart because they know that our payments system, HotPay, can help them scale sales all over the world.

Your sales process as secure as can be

Count on a safe tracking commissions system, with integrated resources that guarantee sales will be attributed to Affiliates.

HotLeads enables Hotmart to correlate leads by their emails - recognizing Affiliates for an undetermined amount of time - as opposed to cookies, which work for a limited period.

The same tool makes Global Affiliation feasible, that is, attributing commissions to Affiliates that send traffic to Producers even if customers buy a different product than the one they were initially interested in.

How to boost your sales

  • Delight your customers
  • Special dates
  • More accurate content
  • Check out your figures

Make your offer stand out in order to build customer loyalty. Distribute special bonus, with exclusive content such as eBooks, spreadsheets, infographics and a lot more.

Creating a profitable online business from scratch is so simple you won't believe it.

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Learn from Hotmart's specialists the step-by-step to build a digital business. Watch classes for free in order to learn how to create effective strategies when it's time to promote digital products.

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